These pages are the central repository of information about Eiffel and the products and technologies of Eiffel Software.

What's New

Version 13.11 of EiffelStudio provides:

  • New Eiffel language features: conditional expression and syntactical simplification of agent calls using the new parenthesis alias
  • Improved and more efficient SCOOP engine
  • Improved Eiffel Information System with display of various kinds of links
  • New libraries ZeroMQ and ABEL (a new object persistent layer)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

About the Online Documentation

Image:icon-documentation The Eiffel Software documentation is organized into virtual books. Each book covers an important aspect of the world of Eiffel.

The Guide to Eiffel Information explains the content of each of the online documentation books. The Guide also directs you to other important sources of information external to the documentation books.

For example you will find these important resources listed in the Guide:

Image:icon-presentations Presentations A great place to learn Eiffel basics quickly.
Image:icon-usergroup Eiffel User Group The Eiffel Software community network.